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  • Hilka 130w Detail Sander

    Hilka 130w Detail Sander


    Easily held in the palm of the hand for maximum control, the Hilka 130w Detail Palm Sander is brilliant for multipurpose sanding, and ideal for getting into difficult areas. The dust extraction facility makes it clean and mess-free and the ergonomic soft grip handle allows you to use it for…

  • Hilka 280w Detail Sander

    Hilka 280w Detail Sander


    For sanding in awkward little corners and for intricate work you cannot do better than this Hilka 280w Detail Sander. Compact and lightweight and with a comfortable ergonomic design, you will find it easy to do a variety of sanding jobs, from large to small. Features and Benefits * Small angled…

  • Draper 230V Tri-Palm Sander with 28 Accessories

    Draper 230V Tri-Palm Sander with 28 Accessories


    This tri-palm sander from Draper is ideal for sanding into awkward areas and features a soft-grip handle and lightweight design for comfortable use. The hook and loop base pad means you can change sheets quickly and easily whilst a dust extraction facility and collection box keeps mess to a…

  • Hilka 710W Planer

    Hilka 710W Planer


    Designed to soften rough surfaces and remove excess material, the Hilka 710W Planer is a must-have item for woodwork. Featuring a soft grip handle suitable for right and left hand users, it’s easy and comfortable to work with. The planer has a built-in dust extraction facility, keeping your…

  • Draper 50L Dust Extractor (1100W)

    Draper 50L Dust Extractor (1100W)


    The Draper 50L Dust Extractor is supplied with 2 metre x 100mm diameter hose with connectors and clips, 5 micron cartridge filter, 5 filter bags, 2 metre (approx.) cable and approved plug. Specifications * Motor: 1100W * Input amperage: 13A * Air flow: 3m³/min * Filtration: 5 micron * Outlet:…

  • Makita BO4555/2 Palm Sander

    Makita BO4555/2 Palm Sander


    Makita BO4555 Palm Sander has a new design of easy-grip body shape which makes this sander a pleasure to use. The new slimline body enables a smaller, more comfortable handgrip. This feature will particularly appeal to ladies with smaller hands who want to use this for decorating preparation,…

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