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Look no further for your garden storage appliances. Take a look at our selection including outdoor storage boxes and garden storage seats, offering a variety of sizes and dimensions, styles and materials. With lots of space and useful compartments, you're sure to find the ideal garden storage for your outdoor space.

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Why buy a garden storage?

A garden storage unit is ideal for storing your garden tools, logs, bikes and much more. You can also use it for activities such as painting, diy and you can transform it into a working space. Not only it will keep your garden neat and tidy but our great designs will enhance its appearance. It'll also protect your belongings against the elements and keep them secure while they're not in use.

Our vast range offers a variety of material options including metal, wood and plastic as well as sizes from small to extra large. With many options and variations, we'll have a solution for your outdoor storage needs.


 Opt for a wood storage: wood is a natural material that will fit perfectly in the garden among trees, shrubs and clumps. Rattan is lighter and therefore easier to assemble and maintain. Metal is quick to assemble and requires no maintenance. If you have a small garden, choose a smaller storage like an outdoor storage box.


What are the different types of garden storage?

Do you just need a place to store your bike? A bike store, compact and off to the side, is a great option to provide you with room to lock up your bicycle and helmet without taking up a huge amount of space.

If you’re looking for a place to store all of those cosy outdoor pillows and blankets, a storage box that doubles as a side table or bench might be what works best for you.

Tired of lugging your gardening tools to the garden every single time and losing them inside a garage or shed? A small garden storage box, left right by the garden when you need it, works for any type of yard, big or small.

Leaning your wood pile next to your house and running outside to tarp it when the rain comes may have been okay the first couple of times, but now’s the time to properly take care of your wood. Log storage may be just what you need to keep your wood dry and make it a little more aesthetically pleasing. You can get small wooden frames to place right by fire pits for easy access, or large sheds made specifically for those who use a lot of firewood.

Are your neighbours complaining about the eyesore that is your rubbish bin area? A bin store can conceal your recycling and rubbish bins, providing a nice enclosure that can help keep animals out and add a little more curb appeal to your home.

There are also many different sizes of basic sheds for you to choose from, whether you’ve a few things to store or a ton of things to do.

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