Looking for the perfect shed for your garden? You're in the right place! Browse our collection of garden sheds from industry leading brands like Mercia, Shire and Rowlinson. Discover different styles, shapes and sizes to suit your garden's needs.

Why buy a garden shed?

A garden shed is a great way to keep your belongings safe and your garden clean and tidy. You’ll be well equipped to store all of your gardening tools, hammers, garden winter furniture, bird feeders and more! It’s even handy for keeping your bike and car accessories organised too for your convenience, especially if you don’t have a garage. It even gives you that little bit of extra workshop space that you need too if you put shelves in and you can keep things to hand.


What are the different types of garden sheds?

Install a simple shed with a single door or sliding doors that are ideal if you have a smaller garden as it doesn't take up much space for your convenience. If you have a larger garden, you should opt for double doors as it is easier to move your stored items out for use. Sheds have two different types of roof to suit your needs. Apex roofs are in the form of a triangle with two slopes that meet the middle which directs rain down both sides. If you plan on working inside your garden building with larger tools, this type of roof is better has it provides you with more space in the middle. Pent roofs feature a single slope, with the highest point located on the wall where the door is situated. These pent roof buildings offer an evenly distributed internal height as the roof doesn’t lower on each side which makes it great for plenty of storage space. Our range includes numerous garden storage made from different classic materials such as wood, metal and plastic. Each of these materials has a different advantage, which are listed in each page, such as plastic providing better protection against any wet weather! Whether you're looking for 6'x8', 7'x5' or a variety of other sizes, we'll have something to make the most of your outdoor space. Look at our buying guide for extra information about garden sheds to make the right choice for you.