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Perfect for preparing your land for planting, a garden tiller will meet all your gardening needs whilst saving even the most experienced of gardener’s time and energy. A cultivator is the efficient way to create the best possible soil for growing, and your plants and vegetables will certainly thank you for it. From brands such as Draper and Webb, our range includes those powered by battery or petrol to provide cordless, effortless operation.

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Why buy a garden tiller?


Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast or simply looking to grow your own veg, a garden tiller is just the tool you need. A cultivator of this type has the ability to break up hard ground and aerate the soil, readying it for planting and creating the perfect condition for your plants or vegetables to thrive. Garden tillers save valuable time and back-breaking effort, in addition to optimising growing conditions; a win-win for you and your homegrown garden offerings. With an assortment of types to choose from, you can rest assured these power tools will be easy to manoeuvre through tough terrain, reliable, and able to get the job done in no time.


Which size should I buy?


Our range of garden tillers come in a variety of sizes, perfect for a variety of garden spaces. The larger the area needing cultivating, the larger the tiller we would recommend buying. It’s as simple as that! One thing is for sure, with brands such as Draper and Webb you will achieve your ideal garden results and more.