Leaf Blowers & Vacuums

Get your garden clean and tidy with our range of leaf blowers that really will blow you away! We’ve got petrol and cordless leaf blowers from leading brands such as Bosch. You can even choose from some of our garden blowers that come with a vacuum so you can avoid spending hours clearing up fallen leaves and hedge cutting.

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Leaf Blowers FAQs

Which is the best leaf blower?

This will depend on the size of your garden, the weight you can carry, and your gardening needs. With cordless and corded machines available, you can choose to move freely or work near a reliable power source. Either way, with most being light in weight and ergonomically designed, they will make manoeuvring around the garden comfortable and easy.

For added convenience, there are leaf blowers with carry straps included to help distribute the weight of the tool. And enabling you to tidy as you go, there are dual function leaf blowers which also mulch and vacuum up debris - saving you lots of time and energy. Whatever you go for, this type of garden power tool will make your garden maintenance a fast and efficient process.

For more information on the best leaf blower to choose read our buying guide .

How to use a leaf blower vacuum?

Leaf blowers require minimal effort and exertion compared with the manual alternative of using a rake or broom. Once connected to your power source, be it an electric plug socket or a rechargeable battery, your leaf blower vacuum is ready to go. Direct the nozzle of the blower at the area you wish to clear, select whether you want to blow them into a pile or vacuum them up, and switch on the device. If you are blowing the debris, try to direct it into one area, such as the corner of the garden, as this will make it easier to collect afterwards.

For added safety, consider wearing protective eyewear. Safety goggles will reduce the potential hazard of loose debris blowing near the eyes. You may also wish to consider having a composter to hand, so that you can dispose of your garden waste in an environmentally friendly way.

What are leaf blowers used for?

Leaf blowers clear away leaves and hedge trimmings quickly and easily - meaning you don’t have to bother with the hassle of sweeping them away with a brush. Having one to hand will enable you to whiz around the garden and get the job done in half the time it would normally take.

Whether you want to blow leaves into a pile to store them for compost, tackle a build-up of leaves trapped in between fences, clean debris off the garden patio or remove litter, this tool will make life much easier.

During autumn, a leaf blower will help you conquer the build-up of fallen leaves and foliage-covered pathways and lawns, so you can keep on top of the garden tidy-up in minimal time.

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