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Which pressure washer do I need?

Pressure washers are a great garden power tool, but it’s difficult to know which one you need. There are lots of things to consider, like price, power, flow rate, hose length, and whether you want a corded or cordless. Luckily, we have put together a pressure washers buying guide so you can decide on which specifications match your needs, and then find them online with Robert Dyas.

How to use a pressure washer

Step 1 – Preparation

Sweep away any loose debris that is on the surface you are washing. Dead leaves, twigs, and dried mud should all be removed. Connect your pressure washer to your hose pipe and make sure there is detergent in the reservoir. All our pressure washers are different and come with their own instruction manuals, so for further specific details please consult your unit’s instructions.

Step 2 – Setting Up

Set the spray to ‘off’ or a lower pressure setting to start things off gently. Turn the hose tap on and release the air pressure in the wand by squeezing its trigger. This means the water can begin flowing when you turn it on with little kickback. Let some water flow through the system for 60 seconds to warm it up.

Step 3 – Start Pressure Washing

Make sure you are still starting with a low pressure setting and work your way up to higher pressures when necessary. Hold the wand with both hands, steady yourself, and squeeze the trigger to initiate the flow. When using your pressure washer, move your arm side to side as a 45-degree angle and try not to overlap treated areas so you can avoid streaks.

How does a pressure washer work?

A garden pressure washer removes dirt, debris, and even stubborn grime. The pump accelerates the water from the garden hose to a high pressure and channels it through the tool and out of its end nozzle when the trigger is pulled. Pulling the trigger releases the pressure, and the water jets out to ablate surfaces such as brickwork, fencing, decking, and paving. Make sure to check your unit’s instruction manual for which pressure settings are suitable for which garden surface.

Do you need a garden hose for a pressure washer?

You can use a pressure washer without a garden hose. If your pressure washer has its own water tank, then you just need to keep that tank topped up to make sure you can keep cleaning. However, you will need a water source close by in case you need to refill. For garden pressure washers that don’t have their own water source or tank, then you will need a garden hose, a tap, and the right hose fitting for it.

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