Garden Carts & Trolleys

Whether you’re completing a garden makeover or simply need a helping hand in shifting material from one area to another, a garden trolley will make the perfect outdoor assistant. Brought to you by brands such as Draper and The Handy are a variety of garden carts differing in structure and size, ideal for any garden. Being easy to manoeuvre with quality wheels, and sturdy to carry the heaviest of loads, these outdoor carts will get the job done in no time.

Why Buy a Garden Trolley?

A garden trolley makes light work of transporting a variety of items from place to place within your outdoor space. Whether you’re working in your garden, stables, or construction site, a handy cart will allow you to pull a heavy load both quickly and easily. Bricks, tools, garden waste, compost bags, and much more can be loaded into the body of the wagon and hauled over uneven terrain. The sturdy wheels incorporated into a garden cart make this possible and allow you to make fewer trips than you would have done carrying the items by hand. With a choice of different sized carts from brands such as Draper and The Handy, you can select a capacity which reflects the amount you are likely to be carrying. What’s more, the structure of the main body varies between carts, allowing you to select based on what you are carrying. For example, a solid metal trailer won’t drop loose material during transportation, and a mesh cart often has a side opening function for unloading heavy items easily.

Garden Trolley or Wheelbarrow?

Generally, a garden trolley is larger than a wheelbarrow which means you can transport a larger volume of garden material or a larger amount of garden tools. Garden carts also move on four wheels and offer stability whilst in transit, allowing for easy manoeuvrability of heavy loads. This build is great for the gardener who may have trouble walking or lifting. A wheelbarrow, on the other hand, moves on one large wheel and involves lifting, pushing, and easy unloading of material. This is a great choice for the gardener carrying out smaller and more frequent projects. Whatever you are after, our range of garden trolleys and carts will provide you with plenty of choice to find the helper you, and your garden, needs.