Garden Sprays and Sprinklers

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  • Hozelock 2347 Multi Spray Garden Watering Gun Starter Set

    Hozelock 2347 Multi Spray Garden Watering Gun Starter Set


    A powerful spray gun, featuring five handy spray patterns, to give you everything from a powerful jet for cleaning to a light mist for gentle, rain-like watering. This water spray gun comes complete with tap and hose connectors and a waterstop connector so you can easily switch the water flow on…

  • Draper Car Wash/Garden Spray Gun

    Draper Car Wash/Garden Spray Gun


    Look after your car and garden with this superb 8-position spray gun from Draper. If you’re using it to wash the car, the adjustable gun has a dial to control the mix of water and detergent in the 100 ml bottle (or fertiliser if you’re using the spray in the garden). You can also choose…

  • Hozelock Multi Spray Gun

    Hozelock Multi Spray Gun


    Feature rich multi-action spraygun by Hozelock with five spray patterns and a lockable rear soft touch trigger. * Five spray patterns : Powerful jet for cleaning, Fan for rinsing soap off cars, Fast Fill for filling buckets and watering cans, mist for gently watering seedlings, high definition…

  • Kingfisher Oscillating Sprinkler

    Kingfisher Oscillating Sprinkler


    Watering and maintaining the garden can be a difficult and time consuming job. This Kingfisher Oscillating Sprinkler is perfect for helping you keep on top of it. This hose connected sprinkler is an oscillating sprayer that can water a large area. Simply connect it to a common hose adaptor and let…

  • Draper 17-Hole Oscillating Sprinkler

    Draper 17-Hole Oscillating Sprinkler


    Look after your lawn with this oscillating sprinkler with a gear-driven motor. Made from impact-resistant plastic and aluminium, it will survive the worst of the British weather and comes fitted with an adjustable spray pattern that can cover up to 250 square metres. It’s even supplied with a…

  • Hozelock Vortex 8 Sprinkler

    Hozelock Vortex 8 Sprinkler


    * Class-leading dial sprinkler with a choice of 8-spray patterns to suit all watering shapes and types - small semi circle, large semi circle, mist, strip, large circle, small circle, square and remote jet * Complete with soft-touch easy-grip adjuster ring for changing spray patterns even with wet…

  • Draper 7 Pattern Spray Gun

    Draper 7 Pattern Spray Gun


    This seven pattern spray gun from Draper is perfect for watering the garden, washing the car or many other jobs in and around the garden. Whether you need a strong steady stream for cleaning or a softer wide spray for watering plants, this spray gun will do it. With strong brass fittings for extra…

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