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Say goodbye to stuffy days and nights with our cooling range of air conditioners. The summer months can welcome many lovely evenings, but our homes can be stifling at times. Our great range of air conditioning units includes portable air conditioners that can be moved from one room to another for ultimate convenience. Find your perfect home air conditioning unit with Robert Dyas today, or browse our wider range of fans and air coolers.

Not quite what you're looking for? Check out our full range of air quality products, including air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifers. Browse our full range of home appliances to find everything you need.

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The warm weather welcomes fun in the sun with BBQ parties and more exciting activities in the garden. Whilst the garden is a great place to enjoy the sun, our houses can often become overwhelmingly warm. Keep your home cool and dry with our fantastic range of air conditioning units.
Home air conditioning units are a great addition to any home. Each of our air conditioners combines style with efficiency, effortlessly cooling any room whilst being a modern decor feature. Their efficient sizing also means they can be moved around easily, wherever you need to stay cool on extremely warm days.
Using your new portable air conditioner has never been so easy. Many of our air conditioning units are available with remote controls. With a click of a button on your remote control, your air conditioner unit will be ready to cool down the room in no time. Stay cool in the unpredictable summer heat with Robert Dyas.
Not quite what you’re looking for? Stay refreshed with our wider range of cooling appliances, from standing fans to air coolers and tower fans for smaller, narrow spaces.


Air Conditioner FAQs

Why buy an air conditioner?

An air conditioning unit is essential for people sensitive to heatwaves such as the elderly and young children. Air conditioners cool rooms thanks to the circulation of refrigerant and some devices are even equipped with sophisticated air filtration systems, having a huge impact on the quality of air within the home. From a health point of view, a home air conditioning unit also serves as a dehumidifier and therefore sanitises the atmosphere, eliminates odours and prevents the proliferation of bacteria or viruses. This device then offers real living comfort by preventing pollutants and allergens from entering the interior of your rooms. Mobile, and practical, you can move many units from one room to another.

How do portable air conditioners work?

Portable air conditioners pull the warm air and moisture from a room into its device. Once inside, the hot air is cooled down by a motor and the cool air is pushed back into the room. This air conditioning system needs to be placed next to a window, a sliding door or a wall ventilation so that the hot air and humidity is moved outside through a hose. Portable fans are an alternative product to explore too.

How to vent a portable air conditioner without a window

If you want to use a portable air conditioner in a room without windows, you can vent it through sliding doors or a wall. If you want to vent it through a sliding door, simply install a sliding door seal. If you want to vent it through the wall, you will need to drill a hole in the wall so the hot air is directed outside the house or into another room.

How to install a portable air conditioner?

Most portable air conditioners are easy to install. Air conditioning units are heavy, so lift the box up over the unit and roll the air conditioner out of the base. Read the product manual, which details the installation process, and make sure you have all the different parts. Then insert the vent hose into the unit and install the other side of the hose to a window or wall ventilation. Finally plug the unit into a socket and switch the power on.

How to clean portable air conditioner filter?

Remove the filter covers and pull out the air filter from the portable AC. You can either shake off the dust into the bin or use a vacuum to clean the filter. If the filter is very dirty, you can wash it with warm water and soap. Then, wait for the filters to be dried before installing them to the air conditioning unit. You should not put the filter in the dishwasher or use very hot water to clean it.

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