Whether you’re looking for a free-standing or table-top design to get your party started, you’ll find everything you need in our diverse range of Jukeboxes. Compact and bold, these versatile audio units are perfect for any modern living interior! From top brands such as iTek, they are ideal for parties, day-to-day living, workspaces, and more.

Why Buy a Jukebox?

Many of our Jukeboxes are based on earlier 1950s and 60s models and often associated with early rock and roll music but these modern versions come with all the mod-cons such as wireless Bluetooth connection as well as a CD player and built-in AM/FM radio, these jukeboxes let you stream your music from a variety of smart devices, play it back from a CD or simply tune in to your favourite radio station. You can also plug in external headphones or speakers through the AUX/RCA input jack, for a more personalised listening experience. On some models, you can go from your classic vinyl to playing the latest podcast or streaming the latest number one. From Robert Dyas range you’ll be able to add a retro style feature in your home or business that plays music with all modern technology.

How to Choose a Jukebox?


Our jukeboxes come in eye-catching designs that evoke the magic of old-fashioned American diners, they’ll create a visual feature for any room and make the jukebox ideal for parties and social events. Some even come with LED light displays to the beat your music creating a party atmosphere.


They come in all shapes and sizes from free-standing to tabletop designs. A full-size jukebox is a piece of furniture in its own right with powerful sound and light displays to go with it making them ideal for parties and gatherings of friends. The smaller jukeboxes are great for homes, garages, workshops and bedrooms as a stylish addition.