Smart Speakers

Make your life so much easier with our range of smart speakers, featuring the leading brand Google Home. Enjoy having your own personal assistant and control other compatible smart home devices by simply asking questions aloud and giving voice commands.


Smart speakers are a great addition to any home. You can play music hands-free, ask about the weather, add items to your shopping list, set reminders, and generally ask questions and get the answers all by just saying it aloud. You can even play games and quizzes with your smart speaker! Turn your kitchen into a dance floor whilst you’re cooking, double check the weather before you leave the house, and even set timers for your indoor and outdoor lights to join up every bit of tech in your house.

We provide market-leading brands such as Alexa-compatible devices and Google Home Smart Speakers for all of your hands-free needs. With the corresponding smartphone app you can control your smart speakers from any room in the house, and with voice commands simply ask and you shall receive within the same room. These are of course all Bluetooth compatible, so you can connect your phone to them to play music and playlists from your device. You could even join up multiple smart speakers to play different music in different rooms, or to continue using its fact-check function. Super useful when cooking or baking (‘How many ml are in a teaspoon?’) and joined up to your smart lighting, you can fully integrate your smart speakers into your busy life.

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