Blenders & Smoothie Makers

Browse the selection below and take your pick from our wide selection of blenders and smoothie makers. You can make delicious meals and drinks from all of your favourite vegetables and fruits easily, with these well designed and affordable gadgets.

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Why buy a blender or smoothie maker?

If you want to lead a healthier lifestyle and pack more fruit and vegetables into your diet, take a look at our extensive range of blenders and smoothie makers! Great for smoothies, fruit juices, protein drinks, sauces, and more, our range of blenders come in different sizes and shapes, with a range of attachments to suit any need. Whether you’re looking for a portable rechargeable blender, or a powerful kitchen companion, you’ll find everything you need to make food prep a breeze!


What is the difference?

Blenders are multifunctional and traditionally have larger capacities than smoothie makers. They are perfect for chopping veg, blitzing fruit, and crushing ice and nuts – allowing you to prepare fruit juices, protein drinks, sauces, soups, dips, and yes, even smoothies. Thanks to their larger capacities, they’re primed for family life and can help you make multiple portions at once. While smoothie makers are optimized to make the perfect smoothie every time! Designed to lock in vitamins and minerals, smoothie machines allow you to enjoy flavoursome smoothies packed full of taste and goodness – so you can start your day right and get a natural boost of energy! Its smaller size makes it perfect for personal use, and some are even portable, making them perfect for use at the gym or on the go.