Sandwich Makers, Panini Makers & Health Grills

Grill your way to wholesome, healthy food! Shop at Robert Dyas and cook all of your favourite foods the healthy way with our selection of electric grills, designed with good health in mind. Browse the selection including sandwich toasters and panini makers and choose from our broad range of trusted names and grill sizes. With such a great choice of options, you are sure to find the perfect grill.

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Why buy a grill?

Many kitchen must-haves fall under the umbrella of ‘grills’, so find out which of these appliances is the right unit for your home and why: If you don't have a gas BBQ, a traditional or health grill can be a great, space-saving alternative! Cooking food quickly and with little to no oil, grilling is a healthier option compared to many other cooking methods. Many of these devices even have built-in fat and oil drainage, all the while helping you to retain essential vitamins while your food cooks. However if you’re looking for a more social option, why not try a Teppanyaki grill? Perfect for parties and social gatherings, and famed for its large cooking space, these impressive units can introduce traditional, Japanese–style cooking to any home – allowing the whole family to gather round and enjoy! Alternatively, if toasties and Paninis are a firm favourite in your household, why not consider a Sandwich toaster (also known as a toastie maker) or Panini maker? Often filled with large, deep-fill toasting plates, you can you can pack your toasties with cheese, ham, bacon, or anything else you fancy, and relish a sandwich or Panini toasted to perfection. So whether it’s a sandwich toaster, omelette maker, or bacon grill, you’re sure to find the perfect unit amongst our broad range of trusted names and sizes!