If you need a new microwave or microwave oven, Robert Dyas has the perfect range to suit your cooking habits and your kitchen. From manual to digital microwave, We’ve got a complete range of features and looks and that will effortlessly complement your lifestyle and ensure that you’re well equipped.

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Microwaves FAQs

Why buy a microwave?

Microwaves, or microwave ovens, have been a cornerstone of kitchen electronics since they were invented in 1946. Whether you’re heating up a prepared meal or leftovers, defrosting your tea, or need to quickly whip up some scrambled eggs or melted chocolate, your handy kitchen microwave will always have your back. Microwaves come in many different forms, including the combination microwave, the microwave grill, the digital microwave, the manual microwave, and the solo microwave.

The humble kitchen microwave is super useful for quick meals, so if you’re heating up your lunch, need to dash out, or don’t feel like cooking a full meal, then you definitely need one of these in your home. However, different models have different capabilities, so you could even grill, roast, or crisp your food too.

How to clean a microwave

Have you ever used your microwave and accidentally put it on for too long, finding that your food has bubbled and spilled over the edges? We’ve all been there. Here’s how to clean your microwave properly to continue making food in a hygienic appliance.

The simplest way to do this is to first remove the microwave plate or bowl (the removable platform your food spins on) and wash this in the kitchen sink with dish soap. Then, take antibacterial spray or kitchen cleaning solutions and spritz the inside of your microwave. Scrub away at any food markings with a cloth before replacing the microwave dish back in its pivot.

How does a microwave work?

A microwave oven has often been abbreviated to just being called a ‘microwave’, but this is the medium it uses to cook and heat your food. This kitchen appliance contains an electron tube and cells called a magnetron, and it's these that produce the radiation known as microwaves. The waves are reflected by the metal interior walls of the microwave oven so they bounce back onto the food, and the microwave plate spins to ensure the food is hit from every angle to cook it properly. More specifically (or scientifically) microwaves cause water molecules in your food to vibrate by charging them up, and this produces heat which cooks your food.

What is a solo microwave?

A solo microwave is your family-friendly, basic microwave. It performs the one function it was initially designed for; just to microwave. With this you can still defrost foods, heat up leftovers, and prepare microwave meals, so long as you use a microwave-safe glass or plastic plate or bowl. A solo microwave is your basic microwave oven, without all the added functionality of a combination microwave, but this may suit your needs perfectly.

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