Bird Tables & Baths

Entice your feathered friends into your garden whilst adding a touch of traditional outdoor styling with a new bird table or bird bath from our range. With brands who know how to cater for a birds’ every need, such as Johnson and Jeff, and those who specialise in quality outdoor additions such as Rowlinson, your flying visitors will be impressed with the new and exciting platform you choose to provide them with.

Why Buy a Bird Table?

Tall in structure with a platform resting at the top, a bird table provides the perfect place to leave bird food for your feathered garden visitors. By placing a bird table in an unoccupied area of your garden, you will welcome birds to perch, play, and feed from the platform. Encouraging wildlife in such a way is hugely rewarding, especially knowing your flying friends are satisfied with your nutritious offerings, as they return again and again. Given the sturdy structure of the wooden bird tables in our range, you can rest assured they will provide plenty of use and a long life. They are practical and stylish with the ability to work in a variety of gardens, big or small. They also offer shelter and a distance from ground level and other animals, which is very much favoured by birds as they feed. A great accompaniment to have alongside your bird table is a bird bath, allowing smaller breeds to drink, bathe, and cool down on warmer days. Creating a tranquil space for flying wildlife to flourish has never been easier with our selection of bird tables and baths. Decoratively designed to bring some delightful decor, they will enhance the look of your outdoor space too.