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How to clean garden furniture and garden sofa sets

Our garden sofa sets are made of aluminium frames that are powder coated, so they are weatherproof and incredibly durable. However, because their rattan effect creates weaves and nooks for water to shelter in, it’s not uncommon for them to need cleaning from time to time.

Scrub away any dust, debris, or dried mud from the furniture first using a brush. Start of lightly, and only apply pressure on tough spots, because you don’t want to chip away at the finish. Brush away these bits or use a vacuum to hoover them up.

Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth to then wash down the furniture, and make sure you get in between the folds of the faux rattan. Let it sit wet and sudsy for a few minutes so any stubborn algae can be soaked away. A tip though – don’t use any soaps with bleach or scouring agents, use a gentle soap like washing up liquid.

Rinse away the suds with a low-pressure hose, or just by using cups or buckets of water, and leave to dry in the sun.

How to store outdoor furniture and garden sofa sets

It’s recommended you clean your garden furniture around one a month, especially if its constantly sat outside. However, you can also store your sofa sets or use them elsewhere. The sofa sets offered by Robert Dyas are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so you could switch them between your conservatory and your patio or gazebo whenever the weather permits.

How to store garden furniture cushions

We recommend storing your cushions in your shed or outhouse when the furniture isn’t in use, so they don’t get wet, dirty, or blown away. The material of our garden cushions is sturdy enough for outdoor use, of course, but keeping them in good condition ensures you can use them whenever the sun comes out and you’re planning a BBQ without having to clean or replace them first.

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