Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture is a must-have if you want to make the most of your outdoor space. We stock garden chairs, benches and tables all in a range of materials and finishes – wood, rattan and more. If you really want to let the days dream by, why not go for a sun lounger? We also sell garden storage solutions and parasols to help you create the garden you always wanted.

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Why buy garden furniture?

Whether you want to relax in the afternoon sun or host a summer barbecue, you can find everything you need with our great range of garden furniture. You can get creative with your outdoor space and fulfil your desires, getting the most out of your garden with the right furniture for you. Your garden area is essentially an extension of your home, making it vital to get right. Moreover, with a great collection of materials, colours and sizes of furniture, you will not be able to resist the interior designer inside of you to find the perfect match!

Garden dining sets are great for inviting extended family and friends over for a great get-together that you simply won’t forget! Just make sure that you choose one of our larger seated options such as a 9 seater rather than a 4 seater for your family of four. Another ideal option is getting a picnic table so you can enjoy a tasty sandwich spread on a weekend afternoon together. A great idea is adding a parasol to your dining or picnic table for those scorching summer days where a little shade is essential.

If you are short on space then a bench is the best option to allow you to maximize your space to sit and relax for a chat with a friend. They are also ideal for popping next to your pond or garden shrubbery to sit and unwind for a moment of peace and quiet. Customise them with a stylish garden cushion that will really make it your own, showing off your colour scheme to guests at the same time.  Swing seats also fulfil this desire to be comfortable and bring an element of fun to your garden too that adults will enjoy just as much as kids will! Need more zen in your life? A sun lounger is the one to choose with the option to get fully horizontal as you lay back and have a snooze on a lazy afternoon in your garden.

When your neighbor pops around for a cup of tea – you had better have a bistro patio set ready to sit down and enjoy a well-deserved catch-up with some biscuits on the side too. Choose from armchair style comfy big chairs or a classic wrought iron style that will look great wherever you place it on your patio. Go one step further with a garden sofa set that really will bring out everyone’s relaxed side! Great for giving you the space you need to get together, without having to stay inside on those days you really do not want to. Day beds are definitely the choice for a full on nap so when you’ve had a long day, you can chill out for as long as necessary. Don’t be quick to dismiss a hammock either with the real feel of being on holiday when you just can’t get the time off work.  

Just make sure you keep your garden furniture maintained too – it’s great to buy a handy furniture cover that will protect it when not in use, especially during those long winter months. 


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