Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights, such as garden lanterns and fairy lights, are great for creating mood and magic outside your home. The perfect lighting's also important when you’re entertaining or just chilling outdoors when the sun's gone down. We sell it all, so take a look around to find the light that’s right.

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How to Install Garden Lighting?

This depends on the type of garden lighting you’ve opted for. For the free-standing lights that simply need a flat surface or ground lights that need to be driven into the soil, the clue is in the name. For wall-mounted lighting, this can depend on the make, model, and size of your lighting choice, not to mention the surface its being fixed to on the exterior of your property. All products come with thorough instructions, so please do consult these before attempting to set-up any more complex garden lighting!

How do outdoor lights work?

There are a few different alternatives to powering outdoor lights, and they depend on the type of fitting you buy. We offer solar powered garden lighting, main or electrical outlet systems, battery operated outdoor lighting, motion sensor lighting, and many others. Each comes with their own set of instructions for set-up and use, so you can browse our products for those that suit your needs.

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