Swings & Swing Sets

Whether you’re looking for some activities to keep the little ones entertained for hours or want to encourage them to play outdoors, take a look at our selection of swings and swing sets that the kids are sure to approve of. Choose from colourful and wooden swing set styles to suit your outdoor space.

Why buy a swing?

You’ll be surprised how many hours of fun a baby or child can clock up playing on a swing. Add this addition to your garden to give your little ones somewhere fun and exciting to play - plus it will save some trips to the playground.
Any outdoor activity is always great for children’s mental and physical health, but the biggest reward for playing outside is reducing screen time on TV, I-pads and phone screens.
Swinging will help your toddler or child build up body strength, give their mind something to focus on while improving their balance and sensory integration skills.
By encouraging the kids to play outside, they’ll be getting lots of fresh air which will also make them sleep better at night - an added bonus for any parent!
Enlighten the kids with a swing set so they can enjoy the best of both worlds - access to a swing and a slide in the comfort of their own home. It will sure keep them entertained for hours and all that time they spend running, jumping and climbing around it is sure to burn all of that endless energy children tend to have.
Many swing sets tend to be designed in bright, fun colours, however if you’d prefer one to blend in with the design aesthetic of your garden, opting for a wooden swing set is a great option. Their wooden finish is sure to complement other pieces of garden furniture.