Dancook Charcoal BBQs

If you have a love of cooking, why not try going alfresco! Dancook Charcoal BBQs’ range is great to serve you outside in your garden so that you can feast upon grilled peppers, fish, steaks and more. Simply decide on the kettle or box shape and make use of their effective heat to host your family and friends for BBQ parties in those long summer months. 
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Why Are Dancook Charcoal BBQs Best?

Dancook have designed their barbecues with your love of cooking and simplicity in mind. If you want to create succulent tasting kebabs and other favourite meat dishes then this is the choice for you. Both their kettle and box charcoal BBQs are designed for great grilling results with advanced designs and multipurpose functionality. They are strong and sturdy, being made from stainless steel and aluminium to make them long-lasting and reliable. A typical feature of their barbecues is that they often come with wheels for easy transportation so you can move your BBQ to wherever you need in your outdoor space.

Benefit from the patented liner in their kettle BBQs which will increase your cooking efficiency by 50% with pre-heated combustion air. This collects the grease and ash for you and reduces the use of your briquettes as well as making for an easy clean afterwards. You’ll love their simple design with a lid-mounted thermometer to make it effortless to grill to perfection! 

Alternatively, their box charcoal barbecues are great for burning your briquettes with 4 heat control levels to give that effective heat to grill. For your ease of use they have a non-stick Teflon surface too so that your meat will cook flawlessly without a messy clean up after!