Grillstream BBQs

On those warm summer days, you just want to get out in your garden and enjoy a great meal. Browse Grillstream BBQs collection to find the quality grill you need. Choose from a range of gas, charcoal and hybrid BBQs to help you become the true chef of outdoor cooking.

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Why Choose Grillstream BBQs?

You won’t be able to live without the magic of Grillstream to make all your barbecue dreams come true! Made with stainless steel finishes and numerous cooking surfaces, you can rely on these robust yet stylish BBQs. You will really see the difference of grilling with a barbecue from the classic or gourmet collection, with a multitude of 2 to 6 burners to fulfil your needs. With features such as an added steak shelf for the perfectly seared steak or additional side burner, you can multi task with food cooking effortlessly.

You will benefit from their choice of U-Shaped double grills that simply channel away the oils and fats for you into a collection cup for quick disposal after use. A regular grill often has high flames, which burns food and dries out the meat you are cooking quickly. In comparison, Grillstream has incorporated low flames into their barbecues to cook your food evenly and to perfection with that juicy flavour! Their unique double grill means less fat, no flare-ups and great tasting flavour! The magic of the second grill gives you the easy clean up you have always desired. Now all you need to decide is what to cook first – will it be sausages, burgers, chicken drumsticks or a combination of them all?!