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Why choose Landmann Charcoal BBQs?

Traditional BBQ cooking in contemporary style, the charcoal BBQs from Landmann offer you everything you need to cook up a sumptuous BBQ feast. Built from high quality materials with a robust and sturdy construction, these BBQs will make a great addition to any outdoor space.

Landmann's innovative designs and robust build make these BBQs great for any size of garden. With many of the models having integrated thermometers in the lid and air vents for air intake control, you can take control of your cooking and create the best BBQ banquet.

Browsing through Landmann's vast range you'll find models from cast iron barrel BBQs, stainless steel pedestal BBQs and large round kettle BBQs. Great for all sizes of gardens, catering for all kinds of occasions and cooking tonnes of different types of food.

When it comes to the time to cook, you have option of using either lump wood or briquettes in your BBQ. Both offer different results with varying heats and burn times. Lump wood tends to light more quickly and burns hotter meaning is great for cooking up a BBQ feast in no time. Briquettes however, take a little longer to reach their peak temperature but maintain the heat longer so they provide the perfect cooking environment for slower and lower heat cooking. Whatever the occasion or situation, Landmann will have something to help you create the greatest BBQ feast for you, your friends and your family to enjoy.