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Looking for a high-quality and innovative BBQ? Then, you are in the right place. Browse Outback BBQs range; from gas and charcoal to hybrid BBQs, you will find the right grill to suit your cooking needs.

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Why choose Outback?

Outback have established themselves as a heavyweight in the BBQ world, tempting the taste buds of al fresco enthusiasts for decades. Combining innovation, quality and classic British design, they have created an extensive and comprehensive range of BBQs to suit almost every outdoor cooking need. Offering a premium choice of models with gas, charcoal, dual fuel or hybrid cooking systems, you'll find the perfect outdoor cooking set up with Outback.

Outback's range of different cooking systems helps to give you versatility and flexibility when it comes to creating the ultimate BBQ feast. Tried and tested gas powered BBQs offer great temperature control and a simple ignition system for ease and consistency. Ideal for cooking meat to your exact taste. The charcoal range of models are more traditional and give your food that authentic BBQ flavouring with the coals smoking the food as it cooks. Why not combine the two with a dual fuelled model? One side for the accuracy and speed of gas cooking while the other side uses charcoal so you're not missing out on that BBQ taste. Finally, the hybrid cooking systems utilise both gas and charcoal cooking with the ability to use both at once. Light the charcoal with the gas burners and enjoy hassle free ignition, precise heat control as you cook and that authentically tasting BBQ food.

Whatever you're looking for to complete your outdoor cooking arrangement Outback will have something to fill the void. Finished in range of colours, designs and sizes, shop their extensive collection for exactly what your garden needs.