Outback Hybrid BBQs

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Why choose Outback Hybrid BBQs?

With Outback's extensive range of charcoal and gas BBQs, it can be tricky knowing which type to go for. The hybrid range of models solves that. Combining both gas and charcoal cooking, a hybrid BBQ gives you the speed and accuracy of a gas cooking system with that authentic BBQ taste from the charcoal. Traditionally, charcoal cooking can be inconsistent and difficult to control but gives you a great BBQ taste, gas on the other hand is much easier to control giving you great cooking results but lacking that sought after flavour. Hybrid BBQs are the best of both worlds.

The hybrid cooking system from Outback utilises the BBQs gas burners and a stainless steel charcoal basket, combined these create a system for great BBQ cooked food. To use, simply remove one side of the grill plates, insert the basket, fill it with your chosen charcoal and replace the grill plates. Using the gas burners you light the charcoal, wait for them to reach temperature and begin cooking. At this point you have the option of switching off the gas burners for exclusive charcoal cooking or using a combination of both to get the best results.

Built to last with high quality materials and designed to give your garden that something extra special, Outback's extensive range of BBQs has something for everyone. From small models all the way up to six burner grilling machines, you'll find the perfect accompaniment to your outdoor space. And with their innovative hybrid cooking system Outback will not only give you great BBQ cooking results every time but a piece that will be a mainstay in your garden for years to come.