Western Union Money Transfers

Western Union at Robert DyasWestern Union at Robert Dyas

With over 145 years of experience in moving money, Western Union offers quick and easy transfers to virtually anywhere in the world so you can send money to your family and friends. Enjoy the convenience of sending money from your local Robert Dyas store!

Why send money with Western Union?

  • Check out our exchange rates: Know how much you spend before you send.  
  • Almost global reach: Transfer money to over 200 countries and territories around the world.  
  • Convenient payment options: Pay with cash or your debit/credit card.  
  • It’s quick: Send money around the world for cash pick-up in minutes*.

Choose how you want your money to be received

  • To billions of bank accounts
  • To hundreds of thousands of Agent locations around the world for cash pick-up in minutes* 
  • To mobile wallets* in selected countries

Start on the Western Union app, finish at your local Robert Dyas store

  • Set up your cash payout transaction on the Western Union mobile app, choose the 'Pay in cash' service and visit a Robert Dyas location to complete the transaction with the help of Robert Dyas staff.
  • Pay for your transfer at the counter with cash or your debit card.
  • Share your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) with your receiver only.

Find your nearest location

Western Union Money Transfer Service is in all Robert Dyas stores: Check our Store Finder for store opening times