Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Artificial Grass
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  • Provides a beautiful looking lawn all year round, regardless of the season.


  • Great for children - by installing artificial grass not only are you creating a much safer area for children to play, but you won’t have to worry about dirty shoes and clothes.


  • Reduces your water bills, as well as being eco-conscious by saving precious water.
  • Maintenance friendly - the required amount of maintenance is considerably less than a natural lawn.


  • Great for pets - you will no longer have to worry about muddy paws.


pile height and pricepile height and price

Pile height
The measurement from the bottom of the grass blade to the top.



Yarns per square metre
How many blades of grass there are per square metre. The higher it is the fuller it will look.



People will allocate different budgets depending on their situation.

Yarn shape and colourYarn shape and colour

Yarn shape
How the grass feels as well as adding benefits depending on the shape.



We have lighter and darker shades. Everyone has a different idea of what their perfect lawn looks like.

Our Range

Belair artificial grassBelair artificial grass


  • Pile Height - 33mm
  • Stitch Count - 14,700m2
  • Weight - 2504 gr/m2
  • Certified to BS 4790
  • Certified to B EN1177
  • Vibrant green turf fibres
  • Natural looking and low priced
  • Soft-touch yarn


Great for: when price is the deciding factor



Belair artificial grass offerBelair artificial grass offer
Battersea artificial grassBattersea artificial grass


  • Pile Height - 25mm
  • Stitch Count - 16,800m2
  • Weight - 2210 gr/m2
  • Certified to BS 4790
  • Certified to B EN1177
  • Natural green colour and natural thatch
  • Provides the look of healthy, recently mowed grass
  • Bounce-back C-Shaped

Great for: when price is a concern, if you’re in need of a temporary fix or if you’re situated in a high-traffic area. Its short pile height is also great for pet owners.

Battersea artificial grass offerBattersea artificial grass offer
Woodberry artificial grassWoodberry artificial grass


  • Pile Height - 40mm
  • Stitch Count - 16,800m2
  • Weight - 2815 gr/m2
  • Certified to BS 4790
  • Certified to B EN1177
  • Combines luxury and affordability
  • Tri-coloured yarn
  • Super soft-touch yarn


Great for: when you want a softer grass, but on a medium-sized budget.
Softer grasses are usually bought with children in mind

Woodberry artificial grass offerWoodberry artificial grass offer
Seasons Meadow artificial grassSeasons Meadow artificial grass

Seasons Meadow

  • Pile Height - 24mm
  • Stitch Count - 210 per inch
  • Weight - 2.3kg/m2
  • UV Stable
  • Pet Safe
  • Good for children
  • Green with light brown shades

Great for: brightening up dull areas in your garden.

Seasons Meadow £21.99  £14.73m2

Summer Luxury artificial grassSummer Luxury artificial grass

Summer Luxury

  • Pile Height - 30mm
  • Stitch Count - 251 per inch
  • Weight - 2.4kg/m2
  • UV Stable
  • Pet safe
  • Good for children
  • Pure green

Great for: family gardens with kids or pets running around.

Summer Luxury £25.99 £17.41m2

Garden Royale artificial grassGarden Royale artificial grass

Garden Royale

  • Pile Height - 45mm
  • Stitch Count - 175 per inch
  • Weight - 2.8kg/m2
  • UV Stable
  • Pet safe
  • Good for children
  • Bottle green

Great for: luxury show gardens looking for a high end finish.

Garden Royale £32.99  £22.00m2

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