Garden Benches

A garden bench for every outdoor space

Wooden benches for a warm traditional feel, metal garden benches with classic swirls, plastic benches for that desirable modern style…whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it. Take your pick from our lengthy range and give your garden the perfect finishing touch that will impress your family and friends when they come over for a garden party!

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Why Buy a Garden Bench?

A garden bench will define the mood and create the focus of your outdoor space that you can be proud of. It will set a relaxing outdoor atmosphere like no other to enjoy the sunny days comfortably in your garden with your partner and family.

It encourages conversation and connection: when people sit on a bench, they instantly feel closer. It's also decorative, and depending on the material you choose, it will bring either a rustic, modern or natural style to your garden.

Robert Dyas offers a variety of great value garden benches, designed to withstand the elements outside. You'll find the perfect option to suit the style of your garden and the available space with our wide choice of materials and sizes. You can also complement your garden with our range of wooden garden furniture and sun loungers.

How to Choose and Care For a Garden Bench?

What are the different Types of Garden Benches?

  • Traditional seat: a standard bench with two seaters that’s perfect for a pair and can even squeeze a little one in between!
  • Companion or love seats: made with two chairs joined together by table between them. Ideal a drink or a tea for two when chilling on a lazy day with your partner.
  • Children’s chairs: similar to companion seats but with smaller sizes for kids so they can have their own little tea party if they want!
  • Planter seat: with two planters at either end, you can sit surrounded by fragrant beautiful flowers.
  • Picnic bench: without an arm or back rest, this is perfect to place against a wall or fence where you have a natural backrest and can be used as displays for plant pots and more too.
  • Storage bench seats: includes an under-seat storage compartment, so you can store anything from pillows and covers to kid's toys and outdoor accessories. Ideal to keep your garden clean and tidy.
  • What is the Best Material for a Garden Bench?

  • Wooden bench: classic in style, highly versatile due to wood variations, and also often sustainably sourced.
  • Metal garden bench: offers durability through continued use, in addition to having plenty of strength and durability.
  • Plastic garden bench: light in weight, enabling you to move it between locations with ease to enhance new areas as you wish.
  • Rattan bench: extremely low maintenance thanks to its weatherproof properties and robust nature.
  • What are the Different Styles of Garden Benches?

  • Modern: A modern garden bench, with sleek lines and clean design features, is ideal for enhancing a contemporary space with additional seating, or bringing a traditional space up instantly up to date.
  • Traditional: Perfect for classic spaces, a traditional garden bench will never age thanks to it’s timeless feel and practical nature; ideal for creating a cosy seating area in an unused corner of the garden.
  • How to Varnish a Garden Bench?

  • Remove the old varnish or old paint.
  • Sand it down, and remove any excess dust.
  • Apply a varnish specifically for hardwood and exterior care.
  • How to Paint a Garden Bench?

  • Prepare the bench by thoroughly cleaning it.
  • Sand it down, and remove any excess dust.
  • Apply an exterior primer using a brush to access all areas.
  • Add a coat of exterior paint.
  • Assess whether further coats of paint are necessary, and apply as appropriate.
  • Check out our blog on how to care for your garden bench.

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