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Relax in bubbly bliss at home with our range of hot tubs and saunas from leading brands like Lay-Z-Spa and Canadian Spa. We have something for all tastes, whether you'd prefer a compact or an inflatable one. We also offer accessories such as drinks holders and garden lanterns so you can really make the most of your spa experience.

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  1. Canadian Spa Round Hot Tub Cover - Grey
    Canadian Spa Round Hot Tub Cover - Grey
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Why buy a hot tub? 

Using a hot tub has many benefits, especially for health:

Stress Relief

  • Thanks to the effects of heat, massage and weightlessness in the water, the whole body relaxes. At that time, the body produces endorphins known as ''happiness hormones''. They have pain-relieving properties and provide a feeling of well-being.
  • Reduce muscle pain

  • Especially if you practice sport, you tend to suffer from muscle and joint aches. Spending time in the hot tub is great to reduce the pain. The heat from the water and the jet massaging action can help relax the muscles, decrease pain and joint stiffness and improve the blood circulation.
  • Family time

  • Being in a hot tub also provides the perfect place to spend quality time with your friends, family, or partner.

  • How to clean a hot tub filter?

    Hot tub filters should be cleaned regularly; trapped dirt particles can build up, reducing the efficiency of the filter and the cleanliness of the water within the hot tub.

    Quick Solution:

    1. Turn off your hot tub at the isolator switch.

    2. Remove your filter.

    3. You can replace with Lay-Z-Spa Filter Cartridge or use a hose to rinse up and down and inside the pleats of the filter.

    4. Allow your filter to dry before placing it back into your hot tub.

    How to reduce alkalinity in a hot tub?

    High alkalinity in a hot tub can reduce the effectiveness of the chlorine within your hot tub. When the sanitiser within your hot tub is affected the water can turn green and grow bacteria.

    To lower the alkalinity, you can add a pH decreaser (Sodium bisulfate) gradually, run the jets and re-test the hot tub in an hour.

    How often should you change hot tub water?

    Every three months is the recommended time to completely change the water within your hot tub.

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