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Toilet Seat Buying Guide
March 8, 2019
Find out about all the features, styles, shapes and more in our guide and make sure you get the right finish for your bathroom. Read More
The Most Incredible Joe Wicks Protein Pancakes
February 27, 2019
Do decadence and health go hand in hand? With these Joe Wicks banoffee pancakes they do! Check out the recipe here and enjoy a delicious post-workout snack. Read More
9 Amazing English and Scotch Pancake Recipes
February 27, 2019
Pancake Day is nearly upon us, and to celebrate we're sharing our nine favourite Scotch and English pancake recipes for Shrove Tuesday success! Read More
How to Sow Seeds Indoors Successfully
February 25, 2019
Love the idea of growing your own? Give your seeds a head start by following our easy step by step guide on how to start them off indoors. Read More
Plants and Flowers Buying Guide
February 20, 2019
The right plants and flowers can really make your garden sing, so find out which types are right for your garden and know how to nurture them into bloom. Read More
7 Ideas for a Valentine’s Day on a Budget
February 8, 2019
Why spend lots of money on Valentine’s Day when you don’t have to? Follow our tips and celebrate the day on a budget. Read More
What to Plant in February
February 4, 2019
Think it's too early to plant? Think again - with the right seed choices and growing spots, you can make sure you enjoy a fruitful harvest that lasts you right into the summer months. Read More
Best Eco Cleaning Products for the Big Spring Clean
January 30, 2019
Care about the environment? Check out this list of our very best eco cleaning products for a super-green spring clean and a healthier planet. Read More
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Symptoms, Facts and How to Prevent It
January 25, 2019
When it comes to protecting yourself and your family, being clued up about the dangers of carbon monoxide is essential. Find out everything you need to know to stay safe. Read More
How to Hang Pictures without Nails
January 24, 2019
Instead of hammering in nails and damaging your walls, hang your pictures the damage-free way by following our step-by-step guide. Read More
Stay Safe with a Winter Car Kit
January 18, 2019
Make sure you get a full winter car kit to stay safe in the cold weather. Find out everything you need to prepare yourself for the snow, ice and frost. Read More
Top Tips for Sticking to Your Healthy Eating Goals
January 14, 2019
Making things as easy as possible is key when trying to stick to your healthy eating plan. Check out our 9 tips to help you keep those pounds off for good! Read More
Top Tips for Sticking to Your New Year Workout Routine
January 7, 2019
Need some ideas to help you stick to your workout plans? Our health and lifestyle buyer, Lloyd Cheesman, has plenty of useful tips to help you reach your goal. Read More
New Year Resolution Ideas
January 2, 2019
After a little overindulgence this Christmas, it's time to start thinking about ways to get yourself eating and feeling better - so we've compiled a list of our favourite gadgets to help you stay motivated. Read More
Kitchen Knife Buying Guide
December 17, 2018
Find out the difference between each type of blade, and the tasks each knife is suitable for in this comprehensive guide. Read More
Bakeware Buying Guide
December 13, 2018
Not sure what kind of cake tin you need? Still wondering which bakeware material is best for you? Here we look at some of the most common types of tins and trays in order to help you decide. Read More
Taps Buying Guide
December 12, 2018
In this guide we detail all the things you need to think about before you buy to help you choose the right taps for your home. Read More
The Ultimate Shower Buying Guide
December 11, 2018
From types of showers and features to different water systems and more - you name it, we've got it covered. Read More
Pots and Pans Buying Guide
December 10, 2018
Not sure which pot or pan is right for you? In this buying guide we look at all the different types and styles available and outline the benefits of each. Read More
Virgin Wines: 7+ Top Wine Gifts
December 5, 2018
Whether it’s a delicious full-bodied red or a crisp dry white, we’ve got lots of gifts for wine lovers, including small gift sets and large wine hampers – all from the fantastic Virgin Wines collection. Read More
10 Must-Haves for Christmas Meal Preparation
December 4, 2018
You've got the baking trays, the roasting tin and the knives, but what else do you need? Make sure you don't forget anything important with our handy checklist. Read More
Win £1,200 Worth of Robert Dyas Vouchers!
December 1, 2018
This Christmas we're giving you the chance to win a whopping £1,200 worth of Robert Dyas vouchers! Read More
The Best Gifts for Him, Her and the Kids
November 29, 2018
From drones and remote control gifts to DIY, tech, garden gifts and stocking fillers, we've got heaps of brilliant present ideas for Christmas. Read More
Secret Santa Gift Ideas
November 22, 2018
Whether you've got your office bestie, the boss or even the Harry Potter fanatic, we've got a whole host of ideas to help you out! Read More
Christmas Laser Light Projector Buying Guide
November 19, 2018
No ladders, no time-consuming decorating – a laser light projector is a godsend if you want hassle-free décor. Check out what our light projectors have to offer in our handy guide. Read More

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