Portable Fans

Portable fans are perfect for when you need cool air on the go. Our portable misting fans are especially great for summer camping trips, and long days out, or for keeping your little ones cool & comfortable with a gentle mist of water and air. The possibilities of a mini portable fan are endless! Most are super easy to recharge from a USB port via your power bank or laptop, so you don’t need to worry about running out of battery. Get yourself a handheld portable fan today from Robert Dyas!


On summer days out, there's nothing better than a gust of wind to cool us down. You can replicate this feeling on demand with our fantastic portable fans. Mini portable fans are super handy for any day out, camping trip or simply to have around the house. Due to their small size, portable fans can fit into any bag or even in a jacket pocket!

For adventure days out or perhaps when you are relaxing in the summer sun, our portable misting fans are the ultimate sunny day staple. The optional mist setting will provide you with a light spritz of water to immediately cool you down. These are especially great for any little ones in the family that can get tetchy, especially in dry heat.

Or for the hot mid-week summer days, keep yourself cool whilst working with our portable clip fans. Portable clip fans can be attached to a range of items to give you a small breeze of cool air whilst you battle your way through your to-do list.

Searching for a larger fan to cool you down? Discover our great range of desk fans and standing fans that can be included in any room. Check out our wider range of fans and air conditioners to find the perfect cooling appliance for your home.