Camping Furniture

Camping furniture is a must for a super exciting camping trip, great for families and friends to unwind whilst giving you time to truly enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you are camping for one night or longer, our range of camping furniture has everything you need to turn your camping area into a real home from home. Get kitted out with all camping chairs, camping tables and more from Robert Dyas.

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To immerse yourself in your camping experience with your family and friends, you need all the right camping equipment to get you through your days camping out in mother nature. Dine-in style with our super practical camping chairs and camping tables, designed with comfort in mind.

When you get back from a whole day exploring there is nothing better than having a comfortable and cosy place to sit. Our camping chairs can be conveniently folded away and are extremely lightweight, making them really easy to move around when you are setting up your camping ground. Our folding camping chairs are not only perfect for camping trips, but they are also ideal for festivals, outdoor concerts and even picnics!

Many of our camping tables have additional features incorporated to make your overall camping experience as fun as possible. For example, there is extra storage hidden in a handful of our tables, so you can be sure not to run out of space to store your food and necessities.

Whether it's your first time camping, or you are a seasoned pro camper, discover our great range of camping furniture and other camping equipment at Robert Dyas.


Camping Furniture FAQs

How to clean mould off camping chairs

Mould and mildew clinging to your camping chairs is not what you need when you’re about to explore the countryside with family and friends. It’s understandable though, as due to the classic British weather we do tend to keep these bits of camping furniture stored neatly away in sheds and outhouses. However, cleaning mould and mildew off your camping chairs is integral to keeping them in one piece, for many camping trips to come. Here’s how to do just that...

First up: never store your camping chairs when they’re wet! Fold up camping chairs will naturally trap moisture in the fabric and incubate it, creating damp patches and threatening the integrity of the seat. Always air-dry your camping chair in direct sunlight or at least in a well-ventilated space to dry it off completely before stashing it away again.

Step 1: Brush away any dirt and debris. Cleaning your folding camping chair whilst it is still muddy will result in your rubbing and scrubbing muddy water all over the canvas – not what you need! Take a soft-bristled brush or use your hand to sweep away the majority of the dirt and debris before you wet the surface.

Step 2: Spray the chair with a cleaning solution. You can either use a gentle fabric spray cleaner or make your own in a spray bottle. To make your DIY camping chair cleaner, mix 2 parts white vinegar with 1 part warm water in a spray bottle and spray the fabric down, top to bottom and front to back. Leave to soak into the fabric for a minute before you start gently scrubbing using a clean dish sponge or a cloth. If you’re struggling with stubborn stains, be liberal with the solution.

Step 3: Rinse away the residue. Rinse away the solution with warm water. Do this from a bucket or container rather than from a powerful garden hose, as otherwise you could rip the stitching or the fabric.

Step 4: Air dry. Set your chair out to air dry in the sun. Direct sunlight has powerful UV rays, which are a natural antibacterial force, so this will also help sanitise the fabric post-cleaning. Air drying your fold up camping chairs in the sun means when you fold them away, you won’t be trapping any moisture in the folds, helping to keep it in top working condition for longer.

How much does a camping chair weigh?

This can depend on the size of your camping chair. If you’ve got a single camping chair, then these typically weight between 5-6kg. The larger makes, like our 6-seater portable folding bench, is around 10kg. The metal bars are lightweight, and the canvas is super-thin, but with the capacity to hold plenty of bodyweight, so they’re sturdy but also light to carry over the shoulder or strapped to your camp bag.

How to make a camp bed comfortable

First off, you need a good quality sleeping bag. The extra padding, insulation, and cushioning a good sleeping bag provides will not only keep you warm but also give an extra layer of support for your back, shoulders, and neck. A camping pillow is also one of the best camping accessories you can get for a good night’s sleep without waking up with a stick neck.

Really, you need a good quality camping bed too. Simply sleeping on a mat on the floor with a sleeping bag might not be enough for you, and that’s totally understandable. A camp bed is already a step-up from the floor, and it can support your weight better for a more accommodating night’s sleep.

How to put up a camping bed

Most camping beds have a sort of pop-up or pop-out feature, so it really is as easy as getting it out of its carry bag, laying it out in one piece on the ground, and pulling the legs into position behind it so they fold and click into place! They work on lightweight bars, canvas, and hinges, so most camp beds don’t need any assembly. They’re a one-unit product, so there’s no putting them together, unless you go for a flashier model or a double. Our fold out camping beds do literally that – fold out – so you don’t need to worry about fiddly assembly in the dark or the rain, or when you’re just keen to get out exploring the countryside around you.

How to pack bedding for camping

Packing the right bedding for camping will keep you comfy on the cold (or warm) nights. If you’re taking a sleeping bag, there are some handy bedding storage tips we can give you. Packing a sleeping bag as your main form of bedding means you don’t have to worry about bedsheets and quilts, because you’ve got it all covered in your wrapped-up sleeping bag. However, we’d recommend bringing a pillow. What might make storage and transport easier for packing bedding for a camping holiday is unrolling your sleeping bag, placing a pillow at the feet-end of the bag, and rolling it back up before fastening it with ties. This makes a handy bed roll. If your sleeping bag comes in its own carry bag, try slotting your pillow through the front straps of your bag and securing it tightly so it doesn’t fall out. This way you can still have your hands free for other bits of equipment, like a map or torch.

If you’re taking an inflatable mattress for camping bedding, then double check that you put it away properly after the last time you used it. Just like you should check your tent for all its necessary equipment and accessories, you should do the same for your inflatable camping mattress. This ensures that you can get it out and blow it up quickly, without hunting around for the pump nozzle. Packing it away properly means unpacking it again will be stress-free, and it also makes it easier to carry and pack in your car. You might not choose to use a mattress topper for an inflatable mattress because of its soft outer lining and if you’re using a sleeping bag on top too.

A sleeping bag will be your best friend when camping, whether you’re sleeping on the floor with a floor mat, on a fold-out camping bed, or on an inflatable mattress, because it’s so easy to store and carry - definitely the camping bedding you can’t do without!