Outdoor play and trampolines from PlumOutdoor play and trampolines from Plum


Passionate about play, Plum help nurture curiosity and creativity by creating a safe and fun environment, allowing children the freedom to play and the parent peace of mind.

With over 30 years experience Plum outdoor play equipment is designed for every stage of childhood, is great quality and is kind to the environment. From 12 months plus to teenage years and beyond, Plum will help you discover the best products for your child’s development through play, and create a childhood full of memories.

All the products are designed to create an environment that stimulates your child’s imagination. With a big variety of activities and outdoor toys, you will turn your garden into an adventure playground.


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Plum Discovery rangePlum Discovery range
Plum Bowl freebound trampolinesPlum Bowl freebound trampolines

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