Pergolas & Gazebos

Every garden needs a bold statement feature such as a gazebo, or a pergola.  But they’re not only there to look great; they also have functions that can turn your garden into a room outside, be it a temporary or permanent fixture. From a shady spot to enjoy a cool summer drink or have a relaxed chat to a place to have a party, our gazebos are perfect – and we’ve got one for every style of garden.

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  1. Palram Milano Hard Top Gazebo - Grey
    Palram Milano Hard Top Gazebo - Grey
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  2. Palram Tucson Hard Top Gazebo - Grey
    Palram Tucson Hard Top Gazebo - Grey
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  3. Palram Ledro Enclosed Hard Top Gazebo - Grey
    Palram Ledro Enclosed Hard Top Gazebo - Grey
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Why Buy a Gazebo or a Garden Pergola?

It is nice to have shelter that will protect you from the elements and offers some shade on those sunny summer days.

What is a Gazebo & What Are They Used For?

A free-standing garden structure that provides shelter from the sun and rain, a gazebo is the ideal spot for relaxing in your garden. Whether it’s meditating, doing yoga, or reading a book on a swing chair or sun lounger, the space is perfect. You can even place a hot tub underneath and create your very own private spa.

Why not use the space to stay in shape during the summer? Turn your gazebo into a private gym club or workout area with a yoga mat, resistance bands and some weights.

Alternatively, use your gazebo as your home office. Bring your computer outdoors, set up a desk and work away in the sunshine surrounded by nature.

Gazebos are also great for entertaining friends and family outdoors, giving BBQs, drinks and get-togethers that something special. Set up a bistro set or a full garden dining set and bring the party outside.

For those overcast days we also have waterproof gazebos, although, be cautious in particularly windy conditions as use of gazebos is not recommended.

How to Decorate a Gazebo

There are plenty of ways to enhance your gazebo and transform it into a space you’ll adore with these simple and attractive touches.

  • Hanging Planters
  • Hanging Flower Baskets
  • Vines
  • Wind Chimes
  • Birdhouses
  • Lanterns
  • Fairy or String Lights
  • Candle Jars
  • Drapes
  • Birthday Bunting
  • Check out our Gazebo Decoration ideas here.
  • What is a Pergola & What Are They Used For?

    A pergola is often used as an extension of a building, crafted from beams of wood. With a more open structure than an arbour, a pergola provides a focal point in any outdoor space creating shade and extending living space out into the garden.

    A garden pergola can become a welcome and long-lasting addition to your garden. Coupled with an outdoor heater it could even become a spot to enjoy the outdoors on the coldest of days. They’re perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your garden.

    Do You need Planning Permission for a Gazebo or Pergola?

    Normally, planning permission is not necessary when building a Gazebo or Pergola but this is dependent on where you are planning to build it and what area you live in. It is always worth checking with your local authority if you are unsure.

    Great for use on grass, patios or on gravel, our gazebos commonly come with fixings and guide ropes to secure it down and with a range of different colours, materials, sizes and designs, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one. And if you’re not entirely sure which one to go for, read one of our buying guides for some more guidance.