Charcoal BBQs

If you love that classic chargrilled taste then you’ll love our latest range of charcoal barbecues. With these gourmet grills it’s not just about the food itself but the way in which it’s cooked – simply, slowly and with passion, so that you have time to appreciate the aroma before savouring the flavour.

Why buy a charcoal bbq?

Smouldering charcoal BBQs give that authentic flavour you just can’t beat. Smoke gives your food a distinct taste that is not achievable with another cooking method. It is also easy to clean, just throw the coal in the trash and clean the remaining ash with a simple cloth! It is also healthy as the food cooked on the barbecue loses its fat, which in contact with the high temperature of the barbecue melts and falls.

It is ideal If you like cooking outside and have friends over to share a nice meal. 

Browse our great range including top brands like Outback, Dancook, Char Broil,  Flamemaster, Landmann and Grillstream. Whether it’s a large, small or disposable BBQ you’re after, we’ve got all the best value options right here.

Make the most of your bbq experience with our bbq accessories, including bbq tools and charcoals. Don’t forget a bbq cover to as British weather can be wet.


Ways To Start Your Charcoal Grill

Choose the charcoal you want and you need enough to create a layer on one half of your grill. Longer cooks usually need lump coal and for a quicker cook you should use briquettes. Then open the lid, vent and bottom vent on your grill to set it up properly and this also helps oxygen reach the coals to burn hotter. Season it by removing the grate, cleaning off the debris and coating it lightly with oil before replacing. Then just light the charcoal with your chosen method of a chimney starter, electrical charcoal starter, lighter fluid or just some newspaper and you’re set up ready to go!