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A greenhouse or a potting shed is essential for the gardener, extending the summer and providing a safe, warm place for plants to thrive. We’ve got a great collection at Robert Dyas, all the way from the small pop-up greenhouses to the walk-in heavy-duty greenhouse for the serious propagator.

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  1. Palram Hybrid Greenhouse - Silver
    Palram Hybrid Greenhouse - Silver
    From £359.99
  2. Palram Balance Greenhouse - Green
    Palram Balance Greenhouse - Green
    From £779.99
  3. Palram Hybrid Greenhouse - Green
    Palram Hybrid Greenhouse - Green
    From £399.99
  4. Palram Balance Greenhouse - Silver
    Palram Balance Greenhouse - Silver
    From £679.99
  5. Palram Hobby Gardener Greenhouse
    Palram Hobby Gardener Greenhouse
    From £1,199.99
  6. Palram Bella Greenhouse - Silver
    Palram Bella Greenhouse - Silver
    From £799.99
  7. Palram Glory Greenhouse - Grey
    Palram Glory Greenhouse - Grey
    From £1,299.99
  8. Palram Grand Gardener Greenhouse
    Palram Grand Gardener Greenhouse
    From £1,399.99
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Find just the right greenhouse for the plants and produce in your garden or outdoor space. We have a broad selection of greenhouses, in a range of materials, including wood, metal, resin,  a choice of sizes and all at great value prices.