Airbeds & Inflatable Mattresses


Airbeds FAQs

How to find a hole in an airbed

Uh oh, there’s a hole in your airbed and you’ve no idea where it’s located. You can hear it, and you can feel the bed deflating beneath you in the morning, but you need to find it and fix it. If it’s a tear in the vinyl, you might be able to find it by pressing a hand in the middle of the inflated mattress and guiding the other over the surface, hovering just above it. You may be able to feel the steady cold slipstream of air escaping, especially as it will be with a little bit of force due to you pressing the mattress surface.

If this way doesn’t work, then grab a soapy kitchen sponge. Don’t make it too wet, just enough so that the soap has produced plenty of thick suds and bubbles. Run this sponge over the surface of the airbed and watch for where extra bubbles are being created. This means the air is escaping from a tear beneath any new suds, literally bubbling up on the surface. Clean this water away and dry off the mattress before you start to repair it.

How to fix a hole in an airbed

Once you’ve identified where the hole is, you can start to fix it. If your airbed comes with its own repair kit – which our stock does – then use this and follow their instructions. They may include an adhesive and patch of vinyl matching the fabric and colour of the bed itself. If your air mattress didn’t come with this kind of repair kit, then you could always find one on the high-street or even in a bicycle tyre repair kit. Glue down the covering patch with care – make sure there are no air bubbles underneath the fabric and that it lays completely flat. Make sure the adhesive goes to each corner of the patch material too, so there are no peeling ends. Leave it to dry and set in place.

Place a weight like a cooking book on top of the seal to really press it down and leave it to dry in place for a few hours. After this time has passed, remove the weight and press lightly on the airbed. If it lifts or air escapes, re-patch and stick it back down again. If its sound, then you’re done! You’ve successfully repaired a hole in your inflatable mattress or airbed.

How to deflate an airbed

Time to pack away your inflatable bed! The first thing you need to know is what you should not do. Whether you’ve got a single or a double airbed, you should never just take the nozzle off and then jump on it. This will cause too much pressure far too quickly, and could lead to the seams weakening, ripping, or the actual fabric ripping itself.

Instead, take the nozzle off and gently apply pressure to the end that is furthest away from the opening. Do this by first placing your hands on the far end, gently pressing so that the air begins to escape in a controlled way. Once enough air has been released that some of the fabric is lying flat on the floor, you can begin to move your body up the mattress, exerting slightly more pressure with the palms of your hands.

Once a fair amount of air has been released you can start to lie on one end of the mattress to force out more air. As it deflates, have some fun and roll across it bit by bit to flatten it out and get rid of any pockets. When the air mattress is flat to the ground, start to roll it up slowly, squeezing the vinyl or canvas as you go to get rid of any residual pockets of air to make it easier to store. You may need to even hug the rolled-up product to your chest, just to make sure! Once it is rolled up, it should fit neatly back into its holder or carry bag.

Are airbeds comfortable?

You bet! If you get a good quality airbed, then they’re super comfortable. The air in them keeps the fabric taut, which helps to support your back and neck while you sleep. Sleeping mats are a popular option for those looking for cost-effective camping sleeping arrangements, but an inflatable mattress will always reign supreme.

Are airbeds good for camping?

Taking a double airbed camping is a great way to ensure you get the proper space when sleeping, regardless of whether you go by yourself or with your partner. You can make an airbed comfortable by making sure it is kept topped up and inflated properly, as this will help to support your back while you sleep. Make sure you’ve got a good quality sleeping bag too, and a pillow to rest your head on.