Tower Fans

Stay cool all summer with our extensive range of tower fans including oscillating tower fans. Discover our large collection with a variety of heights and colours to choose from.

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Tower Fans FAQs

Why buy a tower fan?

Make everyday life run smoother with a tower fan by your side. Thanks to its compact size and ultra-quiet operating mode feature in some, the tower fan is ideal for your bedroom. It is great for sleeping at night as you will not be disturbed or simply enjoy the peace and quiet during the day. The vertical airflow provides good ventilation to the entire room, enough to refresh you from head to toe!

The tower fan combines performance, decorative and space saving design thanks to its elongated format. Place it in the room of your choice that requires ventilation and its height will facilitate uniform ventilation of the air for your benefit. For your added comfort, the oscillation function has been designed in order to distribute cool air without moving your fan around the room!

These fans come with various speed settings from high to medium to low so that you can get comfortable with the right level of ventilation for you. Simply sit back and relax with some fans including a remote control functionality so you don’t need to move an inch to set the desired power setting you need. You can even set the handy timer on designated fans to allow you to achieve the perfect cooling, whether this is for falling to sleep to or all day long. Enjoy a constant yet comfortable breeze with these inconspicuous slim fans that will fit into the corner of the room for the least intrusion of your home.

How to clean a tower fan

Cleaning a tower fan is really simple, you just simply need to use a microfibre cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.

1. Unplug the tower fan.

2. Remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment

3. Unscrew the fan to detach the panels.

4. Use an air compressor, apply the blower nozzle and turn it on, once it has enough pressure, blow the compressed air into the vent.

5. Use a cloth or a duster to remove the remaining dust on the fan.

How do tower fans work?

Tower fans are built to pull air through vents and push it out at high speed. The air is pushed in a vertical direction. Its oscillating function helps to circulate the air around the room.

Do tower fans actually cool the air?

Unlike an air conditioner or an air cooler, a tower fan doesn’t cool air but just circulates the air in the room.

Are tower fans better than floor fans?

This depends of the space available, the design and the purpose of your purchase.

If your space is small a tower fan is the best option as their slim design can fit anywhere, whereas floor fans or pedestal fans fans will cover a larger room.

If you need a fan to run at night, then you should opt for a tower fan which is quieter than a pedestal one.

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