Insecticides are unfortunately a must for any gardener. Pesky bugs can cause havoc on your thriving plants, affecting their growth and overall beauty. Give your plants, fruits or vegetables the best protection with our fantastic range of insecticide sprays and say goodbye to any unwanted guests. Our insecticides contain powerful formulas to rapidly remove common insects, whilst continuing to defend your plants.



Does the insecticide spray harm the plants?

No, our range of insecticide spray for plants will not harm your plants, vegetables or fruits. The spray is made to have a direct impact on unwanted bugs & pests only.

How often should I apply the insecticide spray?

Whilst each branded insecticide spray can differ. The rule of thumb for the sprays is once your plants are treated with the spray, to wait 2 weeks until reapplying the spray again. However, it is recommended to re-apply the spray after any rainfall.