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With our extensive range of DIY and security tools, we have everything you need to keep your home safe and to complete your DIY projects and repair jobs. With trusted leading brands such as Google, Bosch and Makita, we are sure you will find the perfect tool and equipment for your DIY job. View our extensive collection of DIY tools and security tools including great value hand tools, power tools, tool storage, security cameras, painting & decorating and much more.

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What does DIY mean?

DIY means do it yourself. Instead of hiring a professional for various small jobs, you can often try and complete those tasks yourself. After all, there is nothing more satisfying than completing a task yourself and joyfully admiring whichever task you complete.

What DIY jobs can I do at home?

There are various DIY jobs you can do at home, with the right DIY tools & accessories. If you would love to have a dab at DIY jobs, you can explore the idea of creating a gallery wall with photo frames, revamping old furniture with woodcare or resealing the sealant in your bathroom. There are endless possibilities for DIY jobs in your home, so get creative today with Robert Dyas.

If you are struggling with where to start with your DIY journey, discover our from our super handy blog. This will give you a helping hand with an array of jobs from how to start a BBQ or how to fix a TV to a plasterboard wall.

What DIY tools do I need to be like a DIY professional?

Whilst many professionals have a range of specific tools to support their tasks, as a DIY-er there is a range of DIY tools you can keep in your shed to help your at-home jobs. A simple screwdriver set & allen key is a perfect addition to any home. Many flat-pack furniture sets require allen keys and simple screwdrivers. Whilst many do include the tools needed, it is always handy to have your own in case there are any missing tools.
Beyond that, you can start to explore the realms of hand tools and power tools to find all the essential DIY tools you need to renovate like a pro.