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Sleeping Mats FAQs

Do you need a roll mat when camping?

We would always recommend you need at least a roll mat when camping. A camping roll mat is part of the beginners’ basics, because its cost effective and acts as a good first layer of back support when sleeping on the floor. You can of course get different sleeping apparatus, like fold-out beds and inflatable mattresses, but a roll mat or sleeping mat is the bare minimum! Otherwise, you’ll probably have a very uncomfortable night’s sleep and wake up feeling stiff and sore.

Can you use a yoga mat for camping?

We understand the temptation to use a yoga mat for camping, we really do, but we’re big believers in using the right equipment for the right task. A yoga mat is a good cost-effective option for camping if you’ve already got one and aren’t a regular camper or are only going for a night or two. But, if you’re going to going camping quite a bit or are going for longer than just the one night, we think you’ll really benefit from a more robust camp mat that has been purposefully made to be slept on.

How does a self-inflating camp mat work?

A self-inflating camping mat is a wonderful bit of kit that makes camping and setting up your base incredibly easy. It works by using multiple layers of fabric and foam, the middle of which is airtight with a valve attached to it. When you open the valve and vacuum, the foam expands with the air that enters. This air is then trapped in the fibres of the foam and will make the self-inflating sleeping mat relatively firm. It will need a few more breaths of air to finish the job, but most of the work will already have been done by releasing the valve. When you go to put it away again, all you need to do is squeeze or push the air out like an inflatable mattress or airbed and reattach the nozzle cap. This creates another vacuum that makes the sleeping mat flat, so it’s easy to store and ready to be self-inflated again when you next need it.

Are camping mats comfortable?

There’s a couple of things to consider here, as each camping mat is made different according to individual brand specs and what type of mat you’re using. For example, a foam camping mat is extremely lightweight to carry and transport and it does provide a base level of sleeping support, but its not the most comfortable camping mat you could opt for. A self-inflating camping mat, on the other hand, offers not only a layer of foam and fabric on top of that, but also air pockets in that foam. This keeps it firm yet with a little bit of give, so it supports your body while you sleep and provides extra cushioning. Camping mats are comfortable in that you should always use one when sleeping on the floor, but you can get more comfortable ones in self-inflation products. Luckily, we provide both types, so you can weigh up your needs yourself and find the right one for you.