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Grow your own plants to help your garden flourish and thrive, with a range of outdoor plants from Robert Dyas. Discover our amazing range of seeds and plants that you can grow indoors and outdoors. We also have a great selection of pots and planters to brighten up your outdoor space and house your new plants in style. You can also browse our huge range of garden tools today.

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There is something truly rewarding about seeing your new plants grow, knowing you planted them as a soothing hobby or with family & friends. Not only can planting and growing new garden plants be relaxing but it is also a great way to add colour to your garden. Discover a range of outdoor plants to best complement your garden from Robert Dyas, including a wide range of trees to look fantastic in your garden all year round.


Bedding plants can really add a finishing touch to your garden with seasonal show stoppers or favourite blossoming plants. These are great for slotting into large patches of your garden to add textures or separate your garden into smaller sections to admire.


If you are searching for plants to get stuck into from day 1 and see how they can blossom and thrive, discover our range of great flower & vegetable seeds to grow produce in your own home! As they begin to take life, give them the best start with our range of plant support products and plant pots in a range of sizes to house them throughout their growth.


Planting & Growing FAQs

When is the best time to start planting?

The best time to start planting flowers and trees can differ. In regards to planting summer flowering bulbs, the ideal time is spring. This is the last frost date in the UK, so planting then gives your flowers the best opportunity to thrive and develop. However, for shrubs and trees, the best time to plant is in autumn. This is because the soil is still warm from the sun in the summer, allowing the soil to remain moist. With no strong sun to scorch the leaves, autumn is the ideal time for shrubs and trees.