Hot Plates

Whether you’re looking for a self-contained, tabletop hob to cook your meals on, or flat plate warmer which keeps your dishes hot until you’re ready to eat, you’ll find everything you need in our diverse range of hot plates. Compact and lightweight, these versatile units are perfect for any cooking or dining in any modern living space!


What is a hot plate?

Traditional hot plates are self-contained, tabletop appliances which are designed replace or work alongside your existing built-in hobs. The often feature a ceramic or metal cooking surface and function as an effective way to cook a variety of dishes – without taking up too much worktop space. The term ‘hot plate’ can also be used to describe flat plate warmers or heated surfaces that helps to keep your plates and food warm until it’s time to eat. Similar to a buffet server, these handy units are perfect for dinner parties and catering as they can often maintain the temperature of your dish for hours!


Why buy a hot plate?

 Ideal for when you’re short on cooking space or catering for extra guests, our range is a must-have for any modern home. Perfect for homes with limited space, these compact, lightweight units are a handy alternative to traditional hobs - and even make a perfect backup appliance for your kitchen, should you ever need the extra hob space or find yourself without a functioning oven. With one or more cooking zones, and either a gas or electric heating element, these lightweight, portable units are perfect for mobile homes, student accommodations, and even standard kitchen which need a little extra space. Alternatively if you love to host, why not check out one of our heated plate warmers? Designed to keep a variety of plates and dishes warm for hours, they are a must-have for dinner parties and catered events alike. Diverse in size and design, no matter the occasion you’ll be able to find a hot plate that fits your needs and style!

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