Mini Ovens

Small, table top ovens are designed for simple use whilst taking up very little kitchen space. Despite their small size, mini ovens often still have large capacities to cook full meals and can accomodate guests and large families. Choose a mini oven with hobs to increase the versatility even further, and heat up soups, stews, and sauces on the hotplates. Get stuck into roasting, baking, and grilling, or choose one of our electric cooker pans for making tasty stir frys.

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Why buy a mini oven?

Mini ovens are designed to take up minimal space in smaller kitchens whilst being incredibly versatile, giving you the flexibility and cooking options of a full size oven. This makes them the perfect choice for studio apartments, caravans, shared kitchens such as student accommodation, and much more.

Table top ovens are a great solution for cooking meals for one, but can also be used to prepare larger meals for friends and family. Despite their smaller size, these table top cookers pack all the power of a regular oven and with a broad temperature range, allowing you to cook a huge range of foods. Many mini ovens come with additional functionality too, for example allowing you to rotisserie your food to perfection.

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