Camping Kitchen


Camping furniture makes the great outdoors so much easier and more comfortable. Camping furniture will make any family holiday far easier because you can organise your space outside your tent or under your gazebo. Some of this equipment and camping furniture may be useful for caravan holidays too, especially if you don’t want to cook inside and plan on using the awning to cook in the evening sun.

Our camping kitchen units have handy storage compartments and shelves for your tinned goods, bread, pots, pans, and plastic plates. They even have hard and sturdy worktops to them and iron fold-out legs, so you can prep your food and chop whatever you need without balancing boards on your lap. With canvas walls and metal legs and poles, the camping kitchen units we stock are lightweight and easy to transport. Their fold-out capabilities make them super simple to assemble, so you won’t need to dwell over your campsite set-up for long before you’re exploring your surroundings. We provide different sizes of camping kitchen unit, so if its just the two of you getting away then you can opt for something compact and fit for two. If you’re going away with family, friends, or in an organised group, then some of our larger units will allow for multiple pairs of busy hands to help in the kitchen!

For camping storage, you can’t get better than a camping cupboard. We have units suitable for kitchen space and interior, so you can store food stuffs and clothes. Our camping cupboards contain shelves for the easy storage of clothes – neatly folded, of course – so you don’t have to keep rummaging and digging in your bag for crumpled t-shirts and your missing sock.