Treat yourself to crispy homemade chips or prepare healthy meals fast with our extensive range of high-quality fryers. Now you can fry, bake, roast, grill and even steam your favourite foods to perfection – all in one compact appliance. For a lighter alternative to deep-fat frying, we’ve got it covered; our air fryers let you cook with little or no oil for healthy meals for the whole family.

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Why buy a fryer?

Packed full of functionality, many fryers do more than just frying – and with an adjustable temperature dial, timer, and handy pre–programmed settings, you can Roast, Fry, Bake, Stir Fry, Grill, BBQ, and more, all in one compact and stylish unit.

What is the right product for me?

They come in two main categories Air fryers (also known as health fryers) and deep fat (or traditional) fryers. Deep fat fryers are perfect for making gastropub-style chips from the comfort of your own kitchen, and is the cooking method of choice for an indulgent Friday night treat. So if you’re looking for crunchy outsides and fluffy insides, this is the perfect unit for you! It also comes in handy when making a range of other treats, including churros, tempura veg, fried chicken, doughnuts, and onion rings! However, if you’re looking for healthier results and daily use, an air fryer may be the right appliance for your home. Delivering a healthy way to enjoy your favourite foods quickly, they often offer short cooking times and require little to no oil – instead circulating hot air, for even heat distribution and perfect results every time. What’s more, some even have rotisserie functions which allow you to spit roast whole chickens – locking in the flavour and moisture, whilst crisping the skin effortlessly.