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Top Tips for Sticking to Your Healthy Eating Goals

January 14, 2019

Changing your diet means changing your lifestyle which can, as we all know, be a little difficult to stick to. But – it doesn’t have to be so hard. Making things as easy as possible is key, and luckily, we’ve got some handy tricks to help you achieve your goal.

Check out our 9 healthy eating tips below to help you keep those pounds off for good!

1. Whizz up quick smoothies

Smoothies are an incredibly easy way to up your fruit and veg intake, and take no time at all. Whizz one up and save enough for the next day or two so you don’t have to make one every day. The Tower 1000W Xtreme Pro Nutri Blender blasts through nuts, seeds and stems for super-nutritious blended snacks.

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2. Take the work out of homemade soup

Almost as easy as smoothies are soups, so take homemade soup to work – and make sure they contain plenty of veggies! (Don’t bother peeling carrots and potatoes — it saves time and also allows you to benefit from all the nutrients held in the skin.) This Salter 1.6L Electric Soup Maker Jug does all the hard work for you, and even doubles up as a smoothie-maker.

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3. Make healthy desserts in minutes

Swap sugary treats for something healthy like delicious homemade sorbet. Simply use a hand blender to blend frozen banana chunks with frozen berries or mango, or a smoothie blender for healthy chocolate mousse made from avocado, cacao, honey and vanilla extract.

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4. Swap pasta for courgetti

Pasta can pile on the pounds so swap it for courgetti instead. Our Robert Dyas Tri-Blade Spiralizer gives you spaghetti, ribbon and fettuccine cuts, while the Tower Electric Spiralizer is great if you’re really short on time.

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5. Cut down your food prep time

It can be hard to find time for healthy cooking if you’re juggling multiple responsibilities, so cut down the time you spend chopping veg with this Salter Compact Prep Pro Mini Food Processor.

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6. Use appliances that require less fat for cooking

Reduce the amount of fat you cook with by using non-stick pans and the Daewoo Halogen Air Fryer. With the air fryer you’ll get perfectly crispy food but with less or even no oil — the best of both worlds!

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7. Steam, don’t boil

Steaming food helps retain more nutrients than boiling, which encourages nutrients to leach out into the water. Put harder veg like carrots on the bottom as they take a little longer to soften, and put quicker-cooking veg like broccoli or spinach on top so everything’s ready at the same time.

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8. Take healthy homemade lunches to work

Buying takeaway lunches at work can be terrible for your diet, not to mention your wallet. Make homemade meals in batches so you have enough to take to work – that way, you know there’s no hidden sugar or fat in your food. Simply pop your food in some Tupperware and you’re good to go.

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9. Get reminders for your water intake

Water’s also an important part of any healthy eating plan. If you often forget to drink your recommend eight glasses a day, give yourself reminders. The Polar Gear 750ml Daily Water Tritan Bottle has markings that tell you how much water you’ve drunk so far, so you can be sure you’re well hydrated.

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