The Best Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms
December 29, 2021

Whether you live minimally or have possessions in every nook and cranny, storage can be pretty tricky if you have a small bedroom. 

If it’s more space and less clutter you want, we have some excellent bedroom storage ideas to help you out. Our clever tidying tips will help you really maximize your space.

We’ll guide you through why storage is so important in a small bedroom, all sorts of useful ideas, how to choose the right bed for your small bedroom and tips on the sort of furniture you should be looking for. 

All in all, everything you need to make your room a tidy, tranquil place to be!

Why is Storage Important in a Small Bedroom?

No matter how hard you try, it’s difficult to prevent small bedrooms from looking cluttered. This inevitably makes your space look even smaller, so clever storage solutions are essential. Once things are tidied away into areas you might never have thought of using, your room will look a whole lot bigger. Traditional storage may not be suitable for small spaces due to the space they take up, so it’s important to think outside the storage box. 


Clever Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

If space is at a premium, hidden storage is what you need. Using spaces within furniture you already have is a great way to tuck away belongings - under your bed, for instance. If there’s plenty of clearance space underneath, use an underbed storage box, or an underbed drawer for a cleaner look, to keep everything tidy.

There’s more than just your bed you can utilise: clear storage boxes can be tucked inside your wardrobe at the bottom, below the clothes on the rail. If they’re clear, it’s easy to see what’s inside at a glance. For additional clothes or bedding, try vacuum bags. These can go either under your bed, in your wardrobe or tucked in any other spaces you might have.

Another of our small bedroom storage ideas is off-the-floor storage. If floor space is limited, take it higher! Try layered shelving like this six-tier shelving unit

Or a double shelf with hanging space underneath that takes up no room on the floor at all. This one is great for kids’ rooms.

You could even utilise space above radiators with a handy radiator shelf. This will have the added benefit of deflecting the heat back into the room.

Choosing the Right Bed is Essential

The bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in a room, so choosing the right one is essential. By far one of the best small bedroom storage ideas is to choose an ottoman bed - one with hidden storage underneath. Ottoman beds feature an easy-lift mechanism for easy access to your things while keeping them perfectly out of sight.  

If you have a traditional bed frame and don’t fancy swapping it, utilise the space underneath, as we mentioned above, with underbed drawers, boxes or vacuum bags.

For kids rooms, there are some great beds with storage underneath, or high sleepers like this Julian Bowen Pegasus High Sleeper. This smart sleeping solution features a wardrobe, drawers and even desk space for studying.

Multifunctional Furniture is Your Best Friend

Multifunctional furniture is another way to get clever with storage ideas for small bedrooms.

If you have enough space for a stool or chair, make it an ottoman stool.

If you want somewhere to store your jewellery, use a mirror with hidden storage space inside for it. 

Once you’ve chosen your favourites from our space saving ideas for small bedrooms, you can clear away the clutter under your bed, in an ottoman stool, inside your wardrobe or even in a nifty mirror. Have a look through our storage options to browse all the different styles we have and choose the best options for you. 

Whichever ones you opt for, that tidy, tranquil room is well on its way!