7 Ideas for a Valentine’s Day on a Budget
February 07, 2018

Why spend lots of money on Valentine’s Day when you don’t have to? As they say, it’s the thought that counts, and with a thoughtful idea or two you could easily surprise your partner at a fraction of the usual cost. Forget splashing out on luxury gifts – just follow our tips and celebrate the big day on a budget.

Give them vouchers for little luxuries

Make the night all about them by giving them vouchers to use up as and when they want. With treats like a hot chocolate on the cards, a massage or even the offer to do the washing up, it’s a fun and thoughtful gift that’ll really show them you care.

Have a romantic night in

No need for a fancy restaurant – cook up a storm yourself! A candlelit meal followed by a romantic night in is a fail-safe way to impress your other half. Scatter comfy cushions and blankets on the couch for after the meal and you can cosy up for a candlelit film too.

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Bake a cake

You can’t go wrong with a cake, so whip out your whisk and get baking. You could even top it with a sprinkling of icing sugar with a love heart or two stencilled in to add the Valentine’s factor.

Take them on a treasure hunt

Leave clues around the house along with sweet little things like a small chocolate, a single flower or lyrics to their favourite song. Take them into the kitchen, up the stairs, around the chest of drawers and lead them to whatever you like, be it a bunch of flowers, handful of beers or a heartfelt note telling them how much you love them.

Go for a long walk

Get your boots on, wrap up warm and take them out somewhere beautiful. Even better – take them out just before sunset and marvel at the glorious pinks, reds and oranges in the evening sky.

Plant something in their honour

If they love romantic gestures, pop a bulb of their favourite plant or flower into a plant pot and watch love grow! You can then nurture it together and enjoy seeing it bloom.

Give small affordable gifts

If you don’t have enough cash for anything extravagant, give them something smaller like a potted plant you know they like, or a pretty new mug filled to the brim with their favourite sweets. If they're a music lover, a budget speaker is a great choice.