10 Must-Haves for Making Christmas Dinner

December 4, 2018

It’s the most important meal of the year, with your friends and family all around and plates piled up with all your favourite meats and all the trimmings. So here’s some essentials to make sure that you’re ready to cook up a storm on the big day.

Roasting Tin with Rack

Make sure your prized bronze is roasted to perfection as you dig in to your dinner by cooking it in a roaster with a rack. It lifts the turkey so hot air circulates and you’re left with a bird that’s succulent and perfectly cooked with a golden, crispy finish all over.

Electric Steamer

When you’ve got carrots, peas, sprouts and endless more veg to cook as well as parboiling the potatoes and parsnips, cooking your veg in an electric steamer will free up some much-needed space on the hob. It’ll also help retain more nutrients than boiling, so you’ll have a healthier meal at the end of it too.

Couple of Non Stick Oven Trays

Just what you need for roasting the parsnips and cooking the Yorkshire puddings. Not only will food come off easily when serving, but the person who gets stuck doing the washing up will thank you too!

Mini Electric Hob

Hosting for the extended family this year too? When you’re cooking for that many you’re inevitably going to need more space to boil those extra potatoes and roast the other joints of meat. So invest in an electric hob – it will take the stress out of getting everything cooked in time and give you extra space when you need it most.

Slow Cooker

Fancy a more relaxed Christmas morning? Why not fill a slow cooker with a joint of meat, set it to cook and let it do all the hard work for you – all you need to do is take it out when it’s done!

Set of Pans

For the potatoes, veg and the homemade sauces, making sure you have plenty of pans in different sizes will mean you’re not constantly having to wash up pans as you go.

Set of Sharp Knives

Take the strain out of peeling all the potatoes and prepping all the veg by investing in a new kitchen knife set. Sharp new blades and comfort grip handles are key to making the task as easy as possible.


Ensure your meat is juicy and tender by basting throughout the roasting process. Quicker and easier than using a spoon, a baster will mean your turkey spends less time out of the oven.

Electric Carving Knife

The turkey is the star of the show at Christmas dinner, so don’t let a perfectly roasted turkey go to ruin with bad cutting; an electric carving knife will make sure the meat and skin are immaculately sliced.

Heated Buffet Server

Always cook a bit too much at Christmas? Keep the extra food warm while you eat with a handy heated server; everyone will be able to help themselves to the extra potatoes and pigs in blankets whenever they want.

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