Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Add a special touch to your festive decor with our selection of Christmas lights. From laser projectors to string lights, our exciting range has lots to help you make your home look magical.

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Why buy Christmas lights?

Christmas lights are a must-have Christmas decoration that you simply cannot do without.

If you want to create some lasting memories for you and your family, then you are in the right place. From string lights and fairy lights to novelty lights laser projectors, we’ve got you covered. Our range also includes copper lights, berry lights, star lights and a variety of colours from warm white to multi-coloured so you can choose your favourite that goes best with your colour theme at home!

Our range of Christmas tree lights is a must-see to add a sparkly touch to your home, making your real or artificial tree that bit more magical.

We’ve got a wide range of artificial Christmas tree and real Christmas trees  to suit your needs, you’ll be sure to find that tree you’ve always been looking for with us.

Don’t forget our outdoor Christmas decorations to complete your winter wonderland and make your neighbours crazy with envy. Even better – get a competition going to see who can decorate the best!

When should you install them?

There is no official launch date for when you can get those Christmas decs up but we say the sooner the better! It just all depends on when you feel in the festive mood and want to get your home ready for the many days of celebration together. Putting up Christmas decorations is a fun activity to do with your family and friends and should always be done in advance of the day to build the excitement beforehand! You can of course choose the first day of the advent to decorate or use the religious calendar which stops on the last Sunday before the start of the Advent period.

When should you remove them?

For many decoration fans, Epiphany Day marks the end of the Christmas period, on January 6th. This is due to the theory that bad luck will come if you don’t take down your decorations by then.

For those who don’t want to remove their pretty decorative lights, they should know that according to the religious calendar, the Christmas period ends on February 2nd, during the feast of Candlemas. So if you want to leave your decorations until then – feel free to carry on the celebration!

What is allowed?

The Christmas season one of wonder and excitement – a very magical time that is illuminated by using Christmas lights! Anything is accepted as putting up the lights is a recognised tradition throughout the world. Just remember – disturbing your neighbours must be avoided as you should always be considerate of others. The flashing decorations accompanied by music should be installed so that it doesn’t interfere with your sleeping neighbours and be on at decent times throughout the early evening. Another tip - hang the very bright and noisy decorations, preferably between your four walls. Only install them outside of your property if it is large enough to not disturb your neighbours and consider what you would be accepting of if it was the other way around!

Christmas lights for your living space:

The wide range of choice has made this decision become more and more difficult over the years – you just want your home to look the best it can be! To help you choose the right product for you, read our buying guide below for an extensive review.